Meet Heartstopper's Joe Locke Who Plays The Gay Character Of Charlie Spring. Who Is Joe Locke's Partner?

Joe Locke

The Manx actor Joe Locke recently came into the spotlight following his role as Charlie Spring in the LGBTQ+ series called Heartstopper. considering his role as a gay guy in the series, fans are curious to know Joe's sexuality and who Joe Locke's partner in real life is. Read to find out.

Joe Locke Wiki, Family

The 18-year-old Joe Locke was born on the 24th of September 2003 in Douglas, Isle of Man. Joe Locke's full name is Joseph William Locke. His nationality is American and his ethnicity is white. His father is a businessman and his mother, Helen Locke, is currently residing with Stephen Campbell. Not much is known about Joe Locke's family. For his education, he attended Ballakermeen High School. 


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Additionally, the Heartstopper star Joe also was a participant in the 2020 National Theatre Connections, productions at the Gaiety Theatre, and with the Kensington Art Centre's youth group. 

Heartstopper Joe Locke

In April 2021, Locke was announced to star as the lead character in Netflix's coming-of-age series. Heartstopper is an adaptation of the webcomic and graphic novel by Alice Oseman. Joe Locke plays the character of Charles "Charlie" Spring alongside Kit Connor who plays the protagonist Nick Nelson. Primered on 22 April 2022, the series has already garnered a loyal fanbase among the viewers for its portrayal and representation of LGBTQ+ characters

Cast through an open audition for Charlie Spring's role, Heartstopper is Joe's debut in the TV world. 

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Joe Locke's Gay Character In Heartstopper

Joe Locke's Charlie Spring can be witnessed in the series as a reserved teenager who has been forced out of the closet. He is also dating a popular guy in school called Ben Hope with whom he shares a toxic relationship. After a change in the seating plan, Charlie is put next to Nick Nelson, a gifted rugby player and senior student in school. The dup get along well leaving them both to wonder if their friendship could evolve into something more.


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Who Is Joe Locke's Girlfriend?

The actor at the present moment doesn't seem to have a girlfriend. He also hasn't revealed anything about his past dating and relationships to the public.

Who Is Joe Locke's Partner? Is He Gay?

The actor hasn't openly talked about his sexuality in the media yet. However, he did reveal he identified with Charlie's character as he had a similar experience in his own life. Although the actor mentioned how hard it is to grow up as a queer person, he didn't explicitly say he was one.

 Joe Locke portrays the character of Charlie Spring in the Heartstopper series. Joe Locke's character is outed as gay and faces harassment and bullying in school because of it.

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Are Joe Locke And Kit Conner Together?

Due to the amazing on-screen chemistry of Joe and Kit, fans have speculated whether the duo is seeing each other in real life as well. Charlie, played by Joe, and Nick, played by Kit, discover an unlikely friendship that makes them realize that their friendship could turn into something more. Kit Connor is a reputed actor who has played in Get Santa, Rocketman, and Little Joe.

Kit Connor revealed that playing Nick was very special to him. In an interview, Kit Connor jokingly revealed that Joe Locke's obsession with coffee wasn't exactly amazing for their kissing scene. The actor further playfully added that he thought of having an egg salad sandwich as well right before they kissed as a kind of revenge.

Joe Locke's Net Worth

The Heartstopper actor is estimated to have a net worth of $300K as of 2022. As this is just the start of Joe's career, we are sure his net worth will increase greatly in the coming days ahead.

Social Media

Joe Locke's social media pages include his Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter.