Nick Kamen's Ex Amanda de Cadenet Pays A Heartfelt Tribute To The Late Singer And Model


Ivor Neville Kamen, popularly known as Nick Kamen, is no more! The popular model plus musician took his last breath on Tuesday, May 4, 2021, after battling with cancer for a long time.

The news of the passing of the 59-year-old British model was confirmed to the BBC by a family friend on Wednesday, May 5, 2021. 

Kamen’s death was mourned by the whole music industry, fans, and his close friends, especially by the “Queen of Pop” Madonna. Besides, many even gave tribute to him. However, there was one very special person whose tribute to Kamen probably stood over everyone.

The special person was none other than Nick Kamen’s former girlfriend Amanda de Cadenet, a well-known English media personality. Upon learning of Kamen's death, the late singer’s ex-girlfriend took to her Instagram handle to share a heartfelt tribute to the man who was once very close to her.

The tribute was accompanied by a picture of Kamen and Cadenet’s daughter plus a teary caption. She wrote: “So many feelings hearing that you are gone. This is a first for me. When an ex-boyfriend dies. Feels odd posting anything on social media. You weren’t even on this stuff.”

Her caption continued as she mentioned that the picture she attached to the post is the sweetest of all the pictures she has taken of him [Kamen] as it reminds her of how much he loved her daughter, Atlanta. She continued by writing, “Reading all the tributes to you, people sharing how kind you were, how talented and yes incredibly handsome."

“I think you would like most, but you would not like that the loudest takeaway was that you were in Levi’s ad and worked with Madonna. So, I’m going to make sure we don’t forget that any notoriety you gained was something you never embraced. It almost embarrassed you. My experience of you, and our time together was that you spent much of your days making art, cooking, traveling, and chanting.”

Your practice was the most important thing in your life, and I know that your last breath would’ve been 'nam-myoho-renge-kyo'.

Cadenet’s heartfelt caption ended with her hoping that he is at rest now with his beloved brother Barry. The last sentence read, “Hope you are with your beloved brother Barry now.”

A Brief Look Into Kamen & Cadenet’s Relationship

Amanda de Cadenet first met the now-late model in 1999, two years after her separation from her husband John Taylor. Kamen and Cadenet took their relationship slowly and steadily at first. The two love birds were seen with each other most of the time, making them one of the couples.

Cadenet’s love for Kamen was also witnessed during her interview with The Guardian in 2001. During the interview, she stated that Kamen is the best-looking man she has ever seen, and there is never a time that he does not look good. In addition to that, she said that when she meets him after months, she stares at him continuously and watches him even while he is asleep.

Nick’s the best-looking man I’ve ever seen, to me. There is never a time when he doesn’t look good. Never! Ever-ever-ever. Which is great. Listen, I don't see him for months at a time. So when I'm with him, I stare at him. You know? I watch my boyfriend while he's asleep.

Unfortunately, their togetherness wasn’t meant to last forever as they decided to part ways after three years of dating, in 2001.


Late singer Nick Kamen alongside her former partner Amanda de Cadenet (Source:

Following their separation, both of them went their separate ways and went ahead in their life. But, even though they separated, it seems that the love and respect they had for each other never faded, which is evident from Cadenet’s tribute to her ex-boyfriend, Kamen.

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Was Kamen Married?

The late-singer was yet to share the wedding vows. Besides, it is believed that Kamen didn’t date anyone after his separation from Amanda de Cadenet. But, that doesn’t mean his personal life was only limited to the television host.

Prior to his relationship with Cadenet, Kamen was in a relationship with two women, Tatjana Patitz and Talisa Soto. However, the time span of the relationship was only short.