'RHONY': Who Is The 'Pita Chip' Guy? Leah McSweeney's Relationship With Him


Real Housewives of New York City (RHONY) star Lean McSweeney has garnered quite the attention for her opinions and thoughts. She has never backed off from sharing her opinions, either on political issues or any other topic.

However, when it comes to sharing the details of her romantic life, McSweeney has kept her mouth mum. The only detail known about her dating life is that she was dating a man whom she refers to as ‘Pita Chip’ guy. Other than that, the reality TV star has kept all the details of her former beau up to herself only.

But, it now seems that the RHONY star has possibly re-kindled her relationship with the ‘Pita Chip’ guy as seen on the Season 13 premiere of RHONY. So, what do we know about Leah McSweeney’s complicated relationship with her undisclosed partner? Keep reading to find out!

McSweeney’s Relationship With ‘Pita Chip guy’

Season 12 of RHONY gave the fans a small glimpse into the relationship of Leah McSweeney with the man she refers to as the ‘Pita Chip’ guy. It was shown that the reality TV star came up with the nickname ‘Pita Chip’ guy as her former beau owned a kosher restaurant and pita bakery named ‘Pita Chip.’

That season also provided the fans pretty clear info that things between McSweeney and ‘Pita Chip guy’ have not been that good and the American fashion designer was having a hard time processing her feelings. In Episode 9 of Season 12, the New York native revealed that she told the ‘Pita Chip’ guy off as she believed that he was giving her a silent treatment, a decision that complicated their relationship.


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But, the two’s relationship got further deteriorated after the reality TV star learned that the ‘Pita Chip’ guy had tried to screenshot and forward her nude pictures to a friend of his. That incident upset the housewife and broke her trust.

Following that instance plus all the past occurrences that broke McSweeney’s heart, she was unable to continue her relationship. Later, during an interview with Bustle, she revealed that there is nothing between her and the ‘Pita Chip’ guy. Her words read, “That's not happening anymore.”

The Former Duo Might Have Gotten Back

When McSweeney confirmed that she and the ‘Pita Chip’ guy are no more a thing, many thought that their relationship was over for good. However, fans were shocked after the name ‘Pita Chip guy’ came up during the Season 13 premiere of RHONY.

As a result, it was believed that the former couple sorted out the problems of their relationship and got back together. But, the talks of a possible patch-up were shut down immediately by McSweeney during the crucial scene of the season 13 premiere.


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While having a chat with Eboni K. Williams, the reality TV star mentioned that she is still enmeshed with the ‘Pita Chip’ guy. She continued her statement by saying that she will be friends with him no matter what. At last, she stated that she keeps going back to him, but this time, he is kind of like a f**kboy.

I'm still enmeshed with this guy, 'Pita Chip,” We are going to be friends no matter what, and I think that's the thing, [I] keep going back to him, but he is kind of like a f--kboy at the same time.

Well, considering her statement, it can be said that the chapter of McSweeney and the ‘Pita Chip’ guy has already ended and it might not be rekindled anytime soon.

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Is McSweeney Dating Anyone? Her Current Relationship Status

McSweeney’s big statement during the crucial scene of RHONY’s season 13 premiere not only closed her chapter with the ‘Pita Chip’ guy but also provided her fans the idea that she is open to having a new relationship. Moreover, during the Season 13 premiere of RHONY, she also mentioned that she was ready to fall in love.


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So, has she already found a new partner? Or is she single? Sadly, the current relationship status of the RHONY star remains unknown. So far, she has not given any hint of being in a new relationship. In recent times, she also has not shared any pictures with a man, through her Instagram handle, that might possibly be regarded as her new beau.

Only time will tell if she is dating someone or not. Till then, the only thing to do is wait and see.