Everything You Need To Know About 'Love Island' 2022 Contestant Amber Beckford

Amber Beckford

Amber Beckford was named the tenth contestant for the 'Love Island' 2022. She is one of the newcomers to Love Island 2022. She will be aiming to go the distance and find love as one of the future 'Love Island' champions. She will live in the new Majorcan villa with footballer Michael Owen's daughter Gemma Owen. Beckford, who describes herself as an "opinionated wild child," is ready to cause a stir on Love Island.

The eighth season of Love Island will premiere in 2022! The ITV2 show debuted in 2015 and is still going strong seven years later. Love Island is back for another season, and there's a new batch of singles ready to enter the villa and cause a stir.

Amber Beckford Wiki, Age

In 1998 Amber was born in London, England. Beckford is 24 years as of 2022. Beckford's nationality is British. She is a private person who prefers to keep her life secret. She has been tight-lipped about her family history.


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Beckford, a 24-year-old London nanny, is the next to visit the famed mansion because she believes "it's the right time."

When asked why she believes this is the right time, she stated:

I think it just feels like the right time. This year it definitely feels like it’s two feet in. I feel like now I’m most definitely ready, and wanting to look for a boyfriend.

Amber Beckford In Love Island

Love Island 2022 returns for a second season this summer. One of the primary motivations for participating in a dating reality program such as Love Island is to find the ideal companion with whom to spend the rest of their lives. The program will premiere on June 6, 2022. From Monday to Friday at 9 p.m., the show is available on ITV2. Amber is a new Love Island Villa 2022 contestant, joining Andrew Le Page, Amber Reckons, and Tasha Ghouri, among other newcomers.


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While in the villa, Amber said what she was looking forward to:

 Hopefully fun! Have some chit-chat with the girls. I can definitely be opinionated so I’m not sure how that’s going to go down. As I work with kids I have patience with kids but adults, they annoy me!

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Does Amber Beckford Have A Boyfriend?

Beckford has been in a past relationship, but she is currently single. However, that will soon change since she will appear in the latest 'Love Island' season. She's eager to start a new chapter in her life, and being in a relationship with a man from the villa appears to be the best option right now.

Beckford pose
Amber Beckford Pose (Source: IG)

Beckford described her personality type as follows:

I don't like guys that show off, like flashy, showy-offy guys - just have a personality and make me laugh.

She went on to say about a bad date:

One guy tried to purposefully show off his car keys. We were in the middle of a restaurant!

Amber Beckford Do For Living: Job Explored

Amber, 24, is presently employed as a nanny. Beckford stated

I have patience with kids since I work with them, but grownups irritate me!

Amber disclosed her loves and dislikes to ITV and that she has a lot of them, which could make for some entertaining fire pit moments.

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Amber Beckford Fans Prediction

Once the series premieres, fans of the hit dating program will undoubtedly discover more about the British girl and her interests. She is attempting to establish a name for herself and garner media attention.

The new Islanders have been compared to previous singletons by eagle-eyed tweeters, with this year's promising Amber being compared to season five favorite Anna Vakilli. After comparing their gorgeous visuals on the 'Love Island' social media pages, Fans applauded Beckford's main character's enthusiasm.

Social Media

Amber Beckford's social media includes her Instagram page with more than 7.3k followers. As seen by her Instagram profile, Amber appears to live the high life, where she can be seen on boats in Dubai, helicopters in Cannes, and dining at fancy restaurants.

Beckford's Instagram is brimming with elegance and glitz. Beckford's Instagram feed shows that she enjoys vacations, amazing clothing, and a touch of luxury.