Is Amy Walter Gay? American Political Analyst Shares Details About Her Sexuality

Amy Walter & Kathryn Hamm

An American political analyst, Amy Walter is transparent to the media and people and openly shares that she is gay and is currently married to her lesbian partner for over two decades now.

The pair are seen cooperating in The Cook Dinner Political Report With Amy Walter since 2021.  

As the CNN reporter has openly shared with the world her sexuality, and her partner, many fans and readers want to know more about this educator and brilliant host.

So, without further ado, let us get started with knowing more of the host’s personal insights.

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Is Amy Walter Gay? Fact Checks on Her Sexuality and Marriage

Yes, it is right, Amy Walter is openly gay and she has always been very clear about her gender and sexuality. 

Walter is currently together with Kathryn Hamm, who is a businesswoman, and educator who is best known as a pioneer of the gay and lesbian wedding industry. She has been known for this for more than twenty years and counting.   

The couple had connected through a group of mutual friends and in 1993 they both first met.

Hamm was born in Dallas and lived there for two years, before they moved to Washington, DC.

CNN reporter, Walter, and Kathryn Hamm took their relationship to the next phase, in 1995 and moved in together in a Clarendon house. At that time they were already together for two years.   

At that time gay marriage was not legal and permitted and the two decided to get married in 1999 to formally close their relationship. It is known that the couple got married in 1999 over the holiday of Labor Day. 

As their initial marriage in 1999 was not recognized by the law, Amy Walter and Kathryn Hamm decided to remarry on November 2, 2013, at the courthouse in Washington, DC, in order to legalize their marriage and make it eligible for other specific legal benefits. 

amy & kathryn wedding
Amy & her wife, Kathryn's wedding (Source: Equallywed)

The couple wore dresses in their first marriage, but they went for a much more subtle appearance in their second marriage.

There were a dozen of children and about 160 guests who attended the courthouse wedding. 

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Who Is Amy Walter’s Partner, Kathryn Hamm?

Kathryn Hamm is a wife to the American Political Analyst since 1999 as their marriage was legally accepted only in 2013, since, 2021, Hamm has worked as an author, and entrepreneur from the United States and she has also worked as The Cook Political Report’s COO. 

Hamm had a very prosperous career in the wedding industry before joining Cook. She has also served as the publication’s editor prior o WeddingWire acquiring GayWeddings in 2015.

Kathryn Hamm graduated from Princeton University with degrees in psychology and women’s studies for two years. She also enjoyed playing soccer.   

kathryn hamm
Kathryn Hamm (Source: The art of capturing love)

Hamm also formed a business partnership in 2010 with an American singer-songwriter named Catie Curtis to help same-sex couples create their individual ceremonies and officiate weddings for

She has also co-written a book name The New Art of Capturing Love (2014), a book that portrayed same-sex wedding photography with photographer Thea Dodds.

Kathryn Hamm and Amy Walter later joined the team when Charlie Cook gave up the ownership of The Cook Political Report in 2021. 

Hamm las also led initiatives on highlighting the company’s brand and increasing the subscriber base in a capacity as the organization’s chief operating officer. To add more to their family, the couple has a son, whom they adopted in 2006. 

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Amy Walter's Net Worth

Amy Walter is an American political analyst who has worked as a political analyst for PBS News Hour since 2015. She is also the publisher of The Cook Political Report with her wife, Hamm. 

As of now, her net worth is estimated at $2 million. Walter has received a number of awards for her work in addition to her salary.