Bernard Looney and Jacqueline Hurst’s Reason of Divorce? More on Their Relationship and Net Worth

Bernard Looney

Bernard Looney, CEO of Bernard Looney Associates in spite of his outstanding earnings and performances in the business world, has recently become the talk of the party. 

Currently, holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at the century-old oil and gas conglomerate BP plc. BP has been by far recorded as one of the seven “supermajors” in the oil and gas industry. 

Apart from his major success and being a business tycoon, Bernard Looney has been talked about associating with his ex-wife Jaqueline Hurst. So, what are the details to be unfolded about this businessman? Read to find out more!

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Bernard Looney: The Man of Success

Looney is known as a “businessman” and a “cash device” for his remarkable status in the field of business. Looney was born in County Kerry and was raised further on a small dairy farm in Ashgrove, near Kenmare. 


The first in his family to have attended a university and earned a degree in electrical engineering from University College Dublin. Later he also pursued his master’s degree in management from Standford Graduate School of Business. 

He currently serves as the CEO and this workaholic man had been in the business for over twenty years. He has successfully achieved the organization to be at the top of his game. 

Jacqueline Hurst: London’s Top Life Coach

A British life coach, author, and columnist for GQ magazine is often quoted in the mainstream media for her work and career. She is also a member of the Royal Society of Medicine and the National Guil of Hypnotists. 


Born and raised in London, Jacqueline Hurst has maintained her life and career as she has practiced in the field of relationships, anxiety, low confidence/self-esteem, and many more.

She can also be found on her private Instagram account by her username- @jacqueline_hurst. Currently, followed by 56.5k followers, she is pretty active on her social sites. 

Bernard Looney and His Ex-Wife Jacqueline Hurst Had a Troubled Relationship

As Jacqueline Hurst was the former wife of the wealthy and desired businessman who is the major subject of much rumor.

After their divorce, the duo became so tangled in their relationship that they finally had to move away from each other. 

It is very evident that Ms. Hurst is considered among the best life trainers in all of London. She has also written her book and her success measures are really high. She has currently written a book “How to Do You” and it has sold to be the best.

The book has become the best-selling British novelist of all time in the international arena. 

The duo was married for 2 years, Looney and Hurst decided to get a divorce via a text message sent on WhatsApp. 

Jacqueline Hurst is a life coach, a published author, and a GQ magazine columnist Jacqueline Hurst comes from the United Kingdom.

Hurst recently revealed that she was hopelessly devastated when her marriage with Looney ended without any prior warning and information. She has poured down her heart into the book she has published.

The Life-Changing Art of Mastering Your Thoughts and Taking Control of Your Life- a book that she believes is a bridge that connects many people and is a learning platform. 

She accused Looney of being married to her simply only out of opportunity as he saw it in her. Looney married her simply to advance in his position at BP. Now, Hurst is busy with her life and career. She has simply moved on. 

Although Hurst has been married twice, the former Mrs. Looney is quite honest about her life on her Instagram account and her company website.

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BP CEO Bernard Looney’s Net Worth

The tycoon of business, referred to as the “cash machine” estimated net worth is undoubtedly much more significant. 

He has an astounding net worth which according to Forbes, has a staggering $158 billion in revenue, $287.3 billion in assets, and an average profit of $7.6 billion. 

The big name started out when he was just 20 years old and had managed to gradually ascend the ladder of success in his timeline.