Is Conan Gray Gay, Straight, or Bisexual? Here’s What We Know About His Partner

Conan Gray

Conan Gray is a talented American singer and songwriter who gained widespread recognition for his songs like Maniac and Heather.

When he released his debut studio album, Kid Krow, it peaked at number five on the US Billboard 200.

Meanwhile, Gray has been described as pop, Indie pop, acoustic pop, and bedroom pop artist.

Not to mention, Gray started his career on YouTube when he opened a channel in the year 2013. And he started making videos just at the age of 15.

By now, he is a name of fame who keeps on strengthening the base of his colossal career.

Gray not only makes headlines with his amazing work, but some people also get concerned about his personal life, mainly his sexuality and partner.

People have made several speculations about him being bi or belonging to bisexuality. Gray being straight became a skeptical matter of aspect to many.

Collecting every detail, we've mentioned the facts encircling the doubts on his bisexuality, dating history, partner, and more here.

Conan Gray Sexuality: Is He Gay, Bi, or Straight?

Famous singer Conan Gray is rumored to be gay, and his sexuality has been a matter of concern to many people.

Meanwhile, Gray uses both men and women as his love interests in his songs, due to which people raised questions about his bisexuality.

His fans barely considered him straight. Him dating a person, being bi, and stuffs became an enraged question to many. 

However, it has never been confirmed whether he is gay, bi, or straight. Likewise, he has been asked multiple questions regarding his sexuality, but Gray dodges all of them.


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But once, Gray talked about the topic and said that people should stop trying to put labels on his sexuality via a Twitter post. Rather than doing it, Gray requested them to enjoy his music.

So, the details about his sexuality still remain a mysterious topic.

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Conan Gray Partner – Is He Dating Someone?

Moving onwards, the topic of Conan Gray's dating life has also left many people curious.

There were some speculations among his well-wishers that Gray may be dating Driver's License singer Olivia Rodrigo. 

They had also teamed up to help Taylor Swift mock her re-recorded version of Fearless. Later, it was revealed that they were just good friends. So, it is unknown who Gray is dating, and his partner also remains unknown at the moment.

Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray
Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray together in a frame ( Source: Pop Sugar )

Like many other personalities, Gray is also a private person, and he rarely talks about his love life openly.

Moreover, his love life remains something of a mystery, but it's one that fans are eager to unravel.

But Gray may give some updates about it in the future. 

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Conan Gray and Ashley's Relationship Explained

Conan Gray and Ashley share a strong bond with each other.

They have appeared together in numerous videos, which can be found on YouTube. But fans want to know about their relationship.

Conan Gray and Ashley
Conan Gray and Ashley are best friends ( Source: Conan Gray Wiki )

It is said that Ashley and Gray are best friends. They have been best friends since 7th grade and have been great friends ever since.

Gray loves his best friend a lot. Not only that, but he even wrote a song about Ashley, and the song's name is Astronomy.

Similarly, Gray referenced Ashley in his song Best Friend dedicating the full song to her.

Not to mention, Ashley was born in 1998, and she lights her birthday candle on October 19 every year. As of 2022, Ashley is 23 years old.