Cristina Invernizzi's Spouse: About Jordan Belfort’s Third Wife & Past Marriages

Cristina Invernizzi

Cristina Invernizzi is a celebrity spouse who got into media prominence as the wife of Jordan Belfort, a renowned American entrepreneur, speaker, author, former stockbroker, and financial criminal. 

Apart from being noted as the wife of Belfort, Invernizzi has established her name in the media industry as she is a talented model.

Invernizzi has won various beauty pageants, including the excellence exhibition Punta del Este in Uruguay. 

Before coming into the modeling industry, Invernizzi worked as an auctioneer. It is also reported that she worked as a public broker.

Moreover, she is quite popular on Instagram as she boasts over 55.5k followers and her IG bio shows that she is also an actress. From this, it becomes clear that Invernizzi is also pursuing a career in the showbiz industry.

As we know, Invernizzi has a massive fan base; they are always concerned about her married life.

So, collecting every information we've mentioned in the below article, but first, let's find something about the celebrity spouse.

Who Is Jordan Belfort's Wife, Cristina Invernizzi?

Jordan Belfort's wife, Cristina Invernizzi, is a model and actress reportedly born in Arlington, Texas, around the early 1990s. Considering this fact, we can say that, Invernizzi is in her early 30s. 

Talking about her educational background, Invernizzi studied human resource management after graduating. Before working as a model, Invernizzi served as an auctioneer.

Not only that, but she was also a public broker. 

Cristina Invernizzi
Cristina Invernizzi is a model by profession ( Source: Instagram )

After being involved in the modeling industry, Invernizzi began getting more fame, and now she has established a place for herself in this field. As said earlier, Invernizzi has also won some beauty pageants.

As she got more famous after marrying her spouse, Jordan, let's take a look at their marriage.

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Explore Jordan Belfort and Cristina Invernizzi Married Life

Starting with their early life, Jordan Belfort and Cristina Invernizzi met each other in 2019. Initially, the pair lived in Los Angeles, California, and later relocated to Miami, Florida.

After knowing each other for some time, Belfort and Invernizzi fell in love and also got engaged.

After some time, they thought of taking their relationship to the next level and announced their marriage at the Les Couleurs Charity event at Le Rouge in Wynwood, Miami.

Cristina Invernizzi and Jordan Belfort
Cristina Invernizzi and Jordan Belfort have been married since 2021 ( Source: Instagram )

It is reported that Belfort married his wife, Invernizzi, in February 2021 in a small ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada. The private ceremony was attended by their family and friends.

Since then, they have been together, and the couple often explores various places together.

They also post images on their Instagram handle. As we know, Invernizzi is the third wife of Belfort; he was married twice in his past. So, let's get to know about his past marriages.

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Jordan Belfort's Past Marriages

The first wife of Jordan Belfort is Denise Lombardo, with whom he married in 1985.

The former pair met each other in high school. According to a report provided by the Sun, Belfort cheated on Lombardo with Nadine Caridi during his marriage. So, they divorced later.

In 1991, Belfort exchanged the wedding vows with Nadine Caridi. Belfort and Caridi met each other at a party.

Caridi and Belfort were deeply in love with each other, and it is also said that Belfort bought a yacht for Caridi and named it after her. Unfortunately, it sank in June 1996. 

Nadine Caridi
Nadine Caridi is the ex-wife of Jordan Belfort ( Source: Celebrity FM )

After being married for 14 years, Belfort and his ex-wife divorced in 2005 due to domestic violence.

Not to mention they also had two children named Chandler and Carter. Now, all of them are busy with their own life, and Jordan Belfort is also living a happy married life with his present wife, Cristina Invernizzi.