Israel Houghton’s Daughter Mariah Houghton Marriage & Divorce With Ex-Husband Byron Rideau

Mariah Houghton

Mariah Houghton is among the singing family, and it's been said that Houghtons has been blessed with a young member, while Mariah Houghton is the eldest amongst all siblings. 

Mariah Houghton is a church singer but she has successfully explored her talents in the mainstream media. The eldest Houghton has therefore followed his father’s steps as a gospel music artist. 

The father, Israel Houghton is a known contemporary Christian music singer and is mainly credited for Israel & New Breed. 

Apart from that, Israel Houghton has earned a significant fan base following his talent as a songwriter, producer, and worship leader. 

So, what is the inside story of the family, especially about Mariah Houghton who is best known as the daughter of famous Gospel singer Israel Houghton? Let’s get started with their details.   

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Mariah Houghton and Her Siblings Were Born to Israel Hughton

The famous religious singer, Israel Hughton has been married twice in his lifetime and he is the father of three children, among them two daughters and one son from his marriages. 

israel houghton's children
The Houghton Siblings (Source: Bodyheightweight)

The daughters are Mariah Houghton and Milan Hougton who were born during their father’s first marriage with Meleasa Houghton.

Both the couple stayed together for a while dating from 1994 to 2015, and later their marriage fell apart. The parents decided on a divorce and finalized it on February 22, 2016. 

Furthermore, Israel Houghton’s second marriage was with Adrienne Bailon, a former member of the girl’s group 3LW and The Cheetah Girls, they both welcomed a son together. 

Their son, James was born on August 17 via a surrogacy procedure, per his Instagram post with Bailon.

It shows that the couple had been trying to start a family together for many years but unfortunately they had been unsuccessful. 

James is the youngest sibling of Israel Houghton's clan, while he also has two half brothers.

However, Israel Houghton also had two other sons, Jordan and Sonny, from his relationship with a woman named DeVawn Moreno. 

Despite the age gap of more than two decades between both James and Mariah, she shares a pretty good bond and a healthy relationship with all her siblings. The same bond and relationship are with the youngest Houghton. 

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Singer Maria Houghton Was Hitched With Byron Rideau but Is Currently Divorced

Mariah Houghton, The Lakewood Church singer was just in her 20 when she got married to a fellow church singer named Byron Rideau. The wedding took place in 2016.

Both the singers were aspiring religious singers and they were in love with each other for quite some time before they decided to tie the knot. 

mariah houghton
Mariah Houghton and Byron Rideau (Source: In)

The father, Israel Houghton had publicly posted a picture of their marriage as showing a sign of his happiness through his social media handles. 

Interestingly, the father, Israel Houghton blessed the marriage of his daughter, Mariah Houghton by throwing a lavish and extravagant party for all the wedding attendees.

The wedding attendees were many notable personalities, celebrities from the industry, and elite families who remember the 2016 Houghton family wedding bash. 

However, the marriage between Mariah Houghton and Byron Houghton only lasted three years as they found themselves estranged from each other and decided to file for divorce.

The duo has moved on from each other for whatever reason there was for them to part their ways. Byron Rideau is pretty active on Instagram, where Rideau shares his musical creations and his new shares as a church pastor. 

Similarly, Mariah Houghton is also very notable for her new fashion and music which has amused thousands of netizens.

You can check her Instagram account which goes by the name @mariah.houghton which has over 79.9k followers and she can be seen posting a lot of pictures of herself.


Mariah Houghton’s Impressive Net Worth

Mariah Houghton is a singer and a social media personality, and she has successfully garnered an impressive net worth figure in 2022.

Her net worth is estimated at &1 million approximately as a singer and her position at XIXI as a Creative Director.