Debunking Jennette McCurdy's Relationship Timeline: Who Is She Dating Now?

Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy is a name that might have chimed your ears pretty much of the time. She is a package of versatility who is actively indulged in working as a writer, director, podcaster, actress, and singer. 

She has pretty much explored every inch of the entertainment industry with her talent. McCurdy is recognized as the pride of the United States.

Her professional accomplishments are impeccable for sure, but what else ruptures the attention of the viewers is her love life. Fans have lately shown sheer interest to ponder deep into her love life and dating rumors.

If you are one of such fans, then we have caught you up. 

Is Jennette McCurdy Dating?

Well, for now, the package of talent, Mccurdy is leading quite of a solitary life.

After not-so-good experiences garnered throughout her dating history, she is now rejoicing in the flavors of life on her own.

Jennette McCurdy
Jennette McCurdy (Source: Instagram)

Probably, she is taking time for love and prioritizing herself first in this instance. McCurdy is definitely not against having a boyfriend but for now, her career tops the chart on her priority list.

Maybe after she stabilizes every bit of what she wants, she will find ways to work out her relationship.

As it is pretty much clarified that she is single currently, let us now head on towards her relationship timeline that will be inclusive of all her past relationships.

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Jennette McCurdy's Relationship Timeline

Her dating rumors have been a lot. But, there are only a few people who were actually confirmed to be her boyfriend. 

So, as per the confirmation and rumors, here is a list of the guys McCurdy was reportedly dating in the past. 

Graham Patrick Martin

You might have heard his name a lot as Martin is a versatile actor from Hollywood who has marked his reminiscences on a plethora of different platforms. 

As per the reports, Martin and McCurdy tied up as girlfriend and boyfriend in 2004. Also, their relationship was said to have lasted for four years till 2008, and they later broke up.

However, the two have always tightened their lips to this information so their dating rumor was never really confirmed. 

Max Ehrich

Just like any other rumor, McCurdy was again rumored to have been in a relationship with Max Ehrich, another renowned name in Hollywood. 

The rumors ignited a spark in 2010, and things went sporadic ever since. However, they have never accepted each other as a couple in public.

The rumored boyfriend and girlfriend and have always addressed themselves as good friends and nothing else. Ehrich also clarified rumors through his Twitter. 

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Andre Drummond

Well, this name is nowhere linked to Hollywood. It is because Drummond is a really popular NBA star. This relationship of McCurdy was kind of certain.

The two started seeing each other in 2013 and that is how they took off their relationship. But since both had no deep feelings for each other they let this bond slide away as if it was just a fling.

No harsh reasons behind their split have been brought up on the internet yet. Speculations state it to have happened totally on mutual understanding. 

Jesse Carere

Out of all the relationships McCurdy has had, the one with Carere gained the spotlight. It is because she and he both never shied away from posting each other publicly.

Jennette McCurdy and her former boyfriend Jesse Carere
Jennette McCurdy and her former boyfriend Jesse Carere (Source: Otakukart)

They had some really adorable and cuddly pictures posted on Instagram. All of these started in 2015. But, the relationship did not really seem to have lasted long as she deleted all her pictures with him soon after.

Ever since, nothing relative to her having a boyfriend, or getting involved in any sort of a relationship has come to light. 

As mentioned earlier, she is fully focused on her career and is probably not looking for any distractions or flings to end up in her life.