Lando Norris Finally Confirms His Relationship! Who Is His Girlfriend?

Lando Norris

When the top racing car driver's name comes to the forum, Lando Norris is talked about the most. His name has marked accomplishments worth millions of hearts, thousands of awards, and a lot more. 

Despite being immensely dedicated and passionate about working, this man has been through a lot. Numerous threats arouse against him on the Internet with critics who dump unnecessities, rumors, and criticisms all around. 

However, he does have his fans and a special person to pull him back into the warmth of their love. We will dive deep into this aspect of the discussion pretty soon. But, do have a quick view of his short briefing and background. 

Lando Norris Wiki, Age

Norris was born on November 13, 1999, in Bristol, United Kingdom. He is born to parents Adam Norris and Cisca Wauman. His father, Adam, is one of the richest people in Bristol.

Altogether, Norris has three siblings, two younger sisters namely, Flo and Cisca. Likewise, an older brother named Oliver. The racing driver can be considered the national of both Belgium and Britain.

Lando Norris with his father, Adam Norris
Lando Norris with his father, Adam Norris (Image Source: Twitter)

Norris descends from pretty much an affluent family who was raised like a gentleman. As of 2022, he is just a normal twenty-two-year-old man who is so well-spoken, well-behaved, and down to earth. He plays for Britain's F1 and is pretty successful in his career. 

With a strong background as such, this man has been achieving so much at such a young age. His lovely gestures and alluring personality have garnered the attention of a hefty mass, but out of the crowd, there is this one lady his eyes got fixated on. 

So, who is she? Let us find out.

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Who is Lando Norris Dating?

Well, the charming racing driver is recently dating an alluring Portuguese beauty named, Luisinha Oliveira. They have been reported in a relationship for a few good months. 

The story behind their first meeting, interactions, and impressions of each other is yet to be revealed. Every bit of facts is kept behind the curtains except for them being openly expressive on Instagram regarding their love for each other.

Things first got confirmed ever since Norris posted a picture of them together, kissing, in the open desert of Dubai. To that beautiful post, he commented, "My Sunshine."

This post of their caught many eyes and the newly introduced couple was showered with so much love from the people all around. 


A post shared by Lando Norris (@landonorris)

The charming driving racer coming out as a committed man definitely broke the heart of many, but his followers are still happy for him crossing paths with his better half, his girlfriend.

Just as hard-working and committed Norris is, his girlfriend is no less. She is an equally talented and emerging working professional. Originally, she is from Portugal and is one of the most well-recognized fashion models, social media influencers, and media faces. 

Norris and Oliveira share the same birth month and year which is November and 1999 respectively. His girlfriend is just a couple of days younger than him. Well, Norris's life seems blessed. A guy who descends from an affluent family, a perfect career, and a beautiful soulmate to spend the rest of his life with.

However, the life he lives behind the curtains is much more than what we see. He deals with bullies, death threats, and critics almost every day. 

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Why is Lando Norris Getting Death Threats?

So, all of this was initiated ever since the racing driver got into a relationship with his beautiful girlfriend. Some jealous yet overly possessive fans started a whole new hate fandom dedicated to Norris and his girlfriend specifically. 

Norris stated how both of them have been constantly attacked by online abuse. He mentioned that several hate pages and fandoms have been showering them with death threats.

The racing driver also mentioned that his girlfriend has been specifically targeted and attacked multiple times. Acknowledging all of these is pretty sad because imagine living up as a celebrity and having to walk behind the masks just so that someone does not end up attacking you. 

Norris out of devastation stated

Whether it’s about my personal life, me and my girlfriend, especially the number of hate pages dedicated to Luisinha now. It is pretty horrific. They are on Instagram and Twitter, they are the main ones.

However, despite him undergoing a series of such unwanted events both he and Luisinha Oliveira have been keeping their chin up while combatting the adversities as such.

They have started caring less and have been emphasizing more on focusing on their mental health, relationship, and career.