Rob Smith: An Exemplary LGBTQ Activist! Does He Have a Partner?

Rob Smith

Rob Smith is a war veteran from Iraq and also an individual who works as a political analyst for Turning Point USA which is a group of advocacy established for young aspirants. He is a significant face on Fox News. 

Despite his enthralling journey into journalism people have also been fixating their eyes on garnering information about his actual life that goes on behind the camera flashings.

There are tons of different rumors and viewpoints that are driving the audience a bit more into curiosity. We will ensure to answer all the questions you are quenched with. 

But first, take a thorough dive into his background.

Rob Smith's Wiki, Age

On 25th June 1987, the journalist first stepped into this world. Not much revelation regarding his personal life has been made so far. His family background, the religion he follows, or the ethnicity he descends from, all of these fall under the rock. 

Smith was born to parents Robert L. Smith and mother Mamie D. Presley. He does have siblings but they are hideous from the Internet.

However, different sources have stated numerous speculations about his life story. But, as they are not confirmed yet credible let us not dive deeper into that aspect. So, a few credible reports suggest that the journalist is originally a citizen of Akron, Ohio, United States of America. 

Rob Smith with his speculated family
Rob Smith with his speculated family (Image Source: newsunzip)

For now, he resides in New York City concerning his profession. As per his Linkedin account, he is a high intellect who graduated from Colombia University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and he also completed his Master's in Science from there. 

While having a quick view of his academics, we can assume that the journalist comes from a pretty well-to-do family, despite the details not being disclosed. With a strong academic background as such journalism is not the only field that he has stepped into.

Furthermore, he has served as an American Iraq war veteran and author as well. Despite his career briefing, there's a lot more his general audience thrives to learn. 

People have recently been wondering if the journalist descends from the pride community. His followers have been quite curious about his sexuality.

Is Rob Smith Gay?

Yes, the journalist, Rob Smith is gay. He has been knotted in a beautiful relationship with his partner Mikhail Safronov for years. The gay partners remained secretive about their relationship until one day Smith posted an adorable picture of him holding hands with Safronov.

Back in 2018, on Valentine's Day, he made that picture of him alongside his better half public. Out of his followers, a few started picking on his sexuality and started criticizing him for being gay, whereas the rest chuckled with excitement while being immensely happy and proud of the journalist for relishing the jovial moments of life alongside his partner.

The journalist, being dexterous, looked over both the negative and positive comments however he emphasized the bright side and thanked people for being supportive of him. He has also been attacked multiple times for being a gay republican.


A post shared by Rob Smith (@robsmithonline)

After all of these, his audience now started wondering if he had walked down the aisle with his better half yet.

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Is Rob Smith Married?

Yes, Smith and Safronov are the happily wedded couple who got married in 2017. The exact date however has not been disclosed. It is speculated that the journalist and his husband, Safronov, a graphic designer, are together to this date.

They might not be posting much together, but pictures are not the medium to interpret the love they have from within. The husbands tend to keep their personal space as low-key as possible and that is a great aspect. 

Rob Smith's with husband, Mikhail Safronov
Rob Smith's with husband, Mikhail Safronov (Image Source: Instagram)

Smith is blessed from all sides. Whether it be having a supportive husband or a colossal career, he has been flourishing on both sides with an adequate level of effort.

His professional upliftment too is pretty rewarding and he bags a hefty sum out of there.

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Rob Smith's Net Worth

As an LGBTQ activist, a journalist who garners the guts to louden his voice while fighting for the rights of the black lives, he is a deserve-worthy personality to endeavor a good amount for himself.

According to a few of the sources, Smith has a net worth of over $1.2 million. A few of his published books contributed a significant amount to his journey. 

Conclusively, Smith is one such personality who emphasizes aspects like justice, racism, the economy, NFL, and a lot more The shine of Fox News is a transparent personality who can be acknowledged as exemplary to many.