Meg Donnelly’s Relationship Update (2022): Who Is She Dating?

Meg Donnelly

Meg Donnelly, the name that sits in the heart of millions, is an astounding Hollywood actress who has been reaching heights with years of hard work and dedication put into it. 

The breakout star who descends from the entertainment industry is one sort of an icon to many. Her career sits at the top but what else articulates amid her fanbase is the life she relishes beyond the camera. 

There is a life she lives beyond LIVE! CAMERA! ACTION! And that is exactly what her fanbase wishes to know about. We will help you cross paths in all of those aspects but prior to that let us specify who she actually is.

Meg Donnelly's Wiki, Age

The actress was born on July 25, 2000. As of 2022, she is pretty young as her age is twenty-two years old. In this short period of time, the milestones she has set for herself are impeccable.

She was born to parents Liz and Mike Donelly in New York, United States of America. Donnelly has no siblings as she is the only child of her parents. From a very young age, the actress seemed pretty passionate about singing, dancing, and acting.

Donnelly would twirl around with grace whenever a soft chime hit her head. Eventually, with respect to her passion, her parents let her pursue the things she loved and admitted her to Annie's Playhouse School of Performing Arts. 

There, the actress was trained in singing, dancing, and acting. Grooming herself with all the lovely arts, today she is considered as one of the most versatile artists in the industry. 

Meg Donnelly
Meg Donnelly (Image Source: Instagram)

Donnelly descends from a middle-class Christian family who was supportive of her on each of her pavements. Her family ensured that she was provided with the best of everything and today she is living the dream she envisioned for herself and her parents. 

The tiny steps she took at the age of six uplifted her to a position where she is seen as the topmost shimmering star of Hollywood. Well, the star millions noticed caught the attention of one, and that person is the question her audience her quenched with.

People are wondering if Donnelly has swapped her heart with someone and has been dating ever since. 

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Is Meg Donnelly Dating Someone?

Yes, the Zombies star, Donnelly has found her better half already. She is speculated to be dating Noah Zulfikar, a well-trained yet immensely talented dancer. They never really opened up about their relationship with the public.

It is all based upon their Instagram posts and cute interactions they frequently share on their platforms. Initially, there were perplexities and people were quite skeptical regarding their relationship as they shared posts without saying a word to each other.

However, people claimed things official when one fine day in August, the actress posted an adorable picture with him with a heart dropped in her caption. Ever since they keep on blessing the feed with a plethora of their posts together. 

Also, on her birthday Zulfikar drops special captions while embarking on the essence of their love. 


A post shared by noah zulfikar (@noah_zul)

For now, she is assumed to be in a healthy relationship with the dancer as no news about their split has hit the Internet yet. Before she endeavored the beautiful piece of the present, she was speculated to also have a short yet unveiled past with one of her co-stars from Zombies.

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Meg Donnelly's Past Relationships

Well, back in 2019, the actress was spotted hanging out pretty often with one of her co-stars from the sets of Zombies named Milo Manheim. They would hang out pretty much of the time together, were also spotted sharing glimpses together in other co-star posts and stories, and had a lot of little interactions.

To this, the audience started to ship them and the rumors of them being in a relationship flew around everywhere. However, despite them having pictures and glimpses together, none of them claimed to share any sort of relationship rather than friendship.

So as per the analysis we can be conclusive that she did not really have a past with Milo Manheim, it was all speculation. For now, she is dating her boyfriend Zulfikar and is savoring the beautiful moments of love together.

With that cute little bond they share, her fans have also started questioning her over her plans on getting married.

When Is Meg Donnelly Getting Married?

As stated earlier, Donnelly and Zulfikar do share their affection publicly, but the details their relationship carries are kept as low-key as possible.

There are possibilities of both having plans on getting married but unless they declare it official nothing can be done except for drawing an assumption. If they will ever get decisive with a plan as such, they will ensure to update their followers.

We can catch them up on social media platforms like Instagram, to stay updated about their next move.