Maggie Rulli Is Expecting Her First Baby? Who Is Her Husband?

Maggie Rulli

Maggie Rulli is one such dexterous lady who has been setting milestones and marking flamboyance in terms of journalism and media. Moreover, she is also working as a foreign correspondent. 

Overall, she is an anchor, reporter, and ABC News correspondent that is based in London Bureau. 

Apart from her colossal career track, people have also been wondering about the reporter's personal life and love interests. But before getting to that point let us start with a short introduction 

Maggie Rulli's Wiki, Age

The news anchor was born on January 7, 1987, in Georgia, USA. Her parents and family upbringing are unknown to this date. It is so because she is quite reserved and introverted when it comes to opening up about her personal life history.

She is a beautiful lady who stands at the height of 5 feet and 7 inches. As of 2022, she is thirty-five years old. As her parents are unknown, her ethnicity and descendant are quite unknown for now. 

Maggie Rulli
Maggie Rulli (Image Source: Instagram)

In 2016, she first stepped into the board team of ABC news. Before getting into ABC she worked for Channel One News. There too, she had established herself.

While working for Channel One, she was situated in New York. 

She has covered up a lot of different news reports that are inclusive of terrorism attacks, bomb blasts, and a lot more. Despite being quite reserved regarding her family briefing, she does not shy away when it comes to talking about the love of her life. Just as strong as she is, her husband is the same.

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Who is Maggie Rulli's Husband?

Rulli is married to the love of her life, Morgan Blake who works as the head of the payment as e-commerce. He also works for a crafted website named Etsy. 

A quick fact states that both husband and wife attended the same college named Massachusetts. He too is a successful person when it comes to marking his professional establishment.


A post shared by Maggie Rulli (@maggierulli)

The exact date of the couple getting married is yet to be acknowledged. However, as per a few sources they have been together for a pretty long time.

Their bonding is most often flaunted on social media too and that showcases the comfort they find in each other.

Furthermore, this love story of theirs recently initiated a new chapter in life. The couple is reported to be expecting their very first baby.

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Is Maggie Rulli Pregnant?

Yes, the speculations and assumptions made about the reporter’s pregnancy are all true. It is because she recently made a public announcement about her upcoming baby.

The announcement was not made via a random social media post or tweet, it was made in a much unexpected yet unpredictable manner.

Rulli was reporting live from the Avengers Campus in Paris. There, George Stephanopoulos, a GMA anchor asked if she had something else to report about.

And, then here is how she reported her happiness. Rulli started by telling George that she had something to deliver on her behalf that day.

She further stated,

I am thrilled to let you all know that my husband and I are expecting our first child.

Furthermore, she also filled the place with giggles when she mentioned how avengers had been impacting her baby to start jumping around already.

Well, it is her first baby, and she had to be excited about it, and the way she shared the news already emphasized how happy and proud she was already.

After years of togetherness and now introducing a new member into the family, the statement itself reflects the happiness that gets injected within the person who feels it.

Rulli will soon update her fans once she and her husband successfully land their first baby together.