Meet The Survivor Season 42 Winner Maryanne Oketch

Maryanne Oketch

Maryanne Oketch is a seminary student from Canada who enjoys playing video games. She is one of the 18 cast members of 'Survivor' season 42 on the CBS reality series.

After smashing the final tribal council on season 42 of 'Survivor,' Maryanne Oketch, a 24-year-old student, has been crowned the winner of the epic season of Survivor Season 42, whose grand finale aired on CBS on Wednesday, May 25. With a 7-1 vote, she was declared the winner.

On season 42 of Survivor, Maryanne Oketch was one of the most talked-about contestants. Her zeal for the game was contagious, and as the game progressed, she began to demonstrate her strategic abilities, which paid off when she won the competition. Find out more about her in this article.

Maryanne Oketch Wiki, Age & Parents

She was born in Karlsruhe, Germany and raised in Canada. She has resided in various places like Ontario, London, Toronto, and Kingston. She is currently based in Ajax, Ontario. The winner of Survivor Season 42, Maryanne Oketch, is 24 years old. She is of Kenyan descent and possesses Canadian citizenship.


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Maryanne's mother was born in Kenya and moved to Canada with her family to raise her children. Timothy and Consolata Oketch are Maryanne's parents. Her mother, a Kenyan who rose from poverty to become a renowned doctor, is her hero.

Maryanne studied at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, which is a research university. She majored in Integrated Science with a focus on Biochemistry. Her studies at school were concentrated on A viruses.

Maryanne Oketch Job

Maryanne is now enrolled in seminary and describes herself as extremely pious. In an interview with Parade, she said she is spiritual and often prays to God for strength and good decisions.

Maryanne Oketch
Maryanne Oketch Swimming (Source: Instagram)

Maryanne knew that her swimming abilities would help her in challenges when she joined Survivor. Maryanne was terrified of water when she was younger because she nearly drowned as a child, she told Parade. Now, she is also a certified swimmer and lifeguard. She also wants to be a scientist in future, but for now, she's concentrating on bacteria research.

Is Maryanne Oketch Dating Or Single?

Maryanne is currently single and unattached. On season 42 of Survivor, she made it known that she was single by admitting to having a crush on another contestant, Zach Wurtenberger.

Zach was the game's second player to be voted out, and despite the fact that he wasn't even on Maryanne's tribe, she expressed her displeasure with his elimination. Zach seemed to have taken the crush well since he and Maryanne swapped last names on Twitter after the program aired.

Survivor Season 42 & Final Contestants

The five participants Oketch, Jonathan Young, Mike Turner, Romeo Escobar, and Lindsay Dolashewich tried their hardest to make it to the final three after 23 days of grueling circumstances, expert gameplay, and startling developments. Maryanne set herself up to make it to the final three by orchestrating a vote off of one of the game's major dangers, Omar Zaheer, in the final six.

In Survivor Season 42, Maryanne, Mike, and Romeo went into the Final Tribal Council to justify why they deserved to win the game. 

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Maryanne Oketch Is The Winner Of Survivor Season 42

Maryanne spoke eloquently at the final tribal council, defending her game against Mike Turner and Romeo Escobar. She also made sure the jury was aware of all of her moves, including making the final tribal without having to utilize her second hidden immunity idol, which no one was aware of.


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Maryann Oketch was voted the winner with a 7-1 vote after totally dominating the last tribal council on season 42 of 'Survivor.' Maryanne received votes from Chanelle, Rocksroy, Tori, Hai, Drea, Omar, and Lindsay. Jonathan was the only one who voted for Mike. Season 42 of Survivor has come to an end with a bang.

Net Worth

Maryanne is a seminar student in her early twenties who is also a trained lifeguard. The ultimate reward of $1 million was likewise awarded to the winner of Survivor season 42. Many websites suggest that Maryanne's net worth is between $1 million and $5 million, however, this has not been officially validated. Maryanne Oketch's true net worth has yet to be exposed on the internet. She has, nevertheless, amassed a sizable fortune as a result of "Survivor."

Social Media

The winner of Survivor 42 can be found on Instagram under the handle "maryanneoketch". Her Instagram account has 17.8K followers.