Meet Mike Turner, The 2nd Runner-Up Of Survivor 42: Explore His Wiki, Age, Job & Family

Mike Turner

Mike Turner is a retired firefighter who is most known for his appearance on Season 42 of Survivor. Since the beginning of the program, he has received a lot of love and support from the Survivor audience.

The season, however, has come to an end, and he finished as the second runner-up. People are curious to learn more about him after seeing his CBS reality show. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Turner.

Mike Turner Wiki, Age & Family

Mike grew up in the state of New Jersey. He was born on October 15, 1963. At the time of filming Survivor Season 42, he was 58 years old. Because he hasn't revealed anything about his parents, there are no details available about his parents.


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In an interview with Parade, he revealed that he had a sad and challenging childhood. He does, however, have a wonderful relationship with his present family and frequently takes time out of his schedule to spend time with them. Mike is a retired firefighter who previously served as the Battalion Chief of the Hoboken Fire Department.

Quick Facts About Mike Turner

Full Name Mike Turner
Date of Birth 15 October 1963
Place of Birth Hoboken, New Jersey
Age 58
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity Purto Rican
Relationship Married
Spouse  Staci
Known For Survivor 42 (2nd Runner-Up)

Mike Turner's Wife & Children

Mike is married to his wife, Staci. Mike and Staci married in November 2021. Mike is a proud father and a happy husband from Hoboken, New Jersey. Mike even stated that, because he had a difficult childhood and did not come from a wealthy family, he considers the way he raised his children to be his proudest achievement to date. He also stated that while it may seem cliche, it is true.


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There isn't much information regarding his children's mother. Staci, his second wife, has been a staunch supporter of his since the beginning of the show. He was previously married to his children's mother Lindsay, with whom he has two lovely children. He is the father of a son and a daughter. Chelsea Turner is his daughter, and she is a Ginger rights activist.

Mike Turner’s Ethnicity

Mike's ethnicity is one of the hotly debated questions among fans, and it appears that he is of Puerto Rican descent. On Reddit, there is a thread dedicated to this topic. People assumed he was of Puerto Rican ancestry. Furthermore, a Reddit user educated the subreddit's members that Latinos come in a variety of races and are not a monolithic group as many people believe.

Mike is also said to be of African-American ancestry, however, this is an unfounded supposition. Mike has not stated his race, thus it is unknown, but the most likely explanation that people have discovered is that he is of Puerto Rican heritage.

Survivor Season 42

"Survivor" keeps a group of contestants isolated on a barren island to compete with each other. While the contestants are supposed to obtain food, water, and shelter in order to survive, the show also puts them through a series of physical and mental challenges. Periodic voting sessions keep eliminating participants based on these challenges and how people behave within the group until the last one standing is declared the winner.


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Season 42 of Survivor premiered on March 8, 2022. On a lonely island in Fiji, Survivor season 42 pitted 18 new castaways against each other. Mike Turner was the season's oldest castaway on this season of Survivor. Despite being the season's oldest cast member, he managed to make an impact in the finale. Mike was a member of the Vati tribe.

In the final tribal council, he had to justify why he deserved to win. However, the retired firefighter came in second place. As the only survivor, Maryanne Oketch, a 24-year-old seminary student, won the season.

Mike Turner After Survivor 42

Mike returned to his hometown of Hoboken once the filming of Survivor was completed. He's been enjoying his life away from the lens of the cameras, spending quality time with his family. Mike appears to be devoting all of his time to his family now that he has retired from his firefighting profession since they frequently appear on his Instagram profile.

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Net Worth & Job

Mike resides in Hoboken, New Jersey, and is a retired firefighter. His street smarts as a firefighter were crucial in his Survivor game, as they helped him build social skills that let him interact with other competitors. In the 42nd season of Survivor, he finished second runner-up. His net worth, on the other hand, is unknown at this time.

Social Media

Mike uses Instagram extensively, and most of his photos are about his new wife and children. He revealed that he married in front of his closest friends and family in November 2021. Mike has also shared some behind-the-scenes footage from his time on Survivor, joking that he despises sand following his time in Fiji. Mike enjoys keeping his fans up to date on his personal life, and he frequently uses social media to share the memories he makes with his loved ones. You can find him on Instagram with 12.8K followers.