Richa Moorjani’s Love Story: Dating App to Getting Married! More on Her Husband & Speculations of Getting Pregnant

Richa Moorjani and her husband

Richa Moorjani, popularly seen as Kamala from the series Never Have I Ever,  a well-established name in the industry has garnered immense fame and love worldwide. Her colossal career is vivid and clear to everyone but what stays behind the curtains is her personal life.

That life of hers covers the aspects relative to her dating history, married life, and furthermore. We will run through each of those, but first, let us have a quick insight into her.

Well, she is a lovely woman who descends from pretty decent family background. Moorjani is a daughter to parents Ramakant Shukla (father) and Minnie Shukla (mother). 

Academically or professionally, she has always received support from the required people in her life. Not much of the information relative to her personal briefing has been oozed out to the Internet. 

Before we ponder deep into any of the other aspects, let us quickly check on her relationship status. 

Richa Moorjani's Relationship Update

Well, unlike any other love story, Moorjani has a unique one. Time takes her aback to many years when she first installed a dating app. At that point in time, dating apps had a whole different fanbase. 

It was specifically targeted at South Asian singles residing in America. 

Being a brown girl who grew up in an Asian household, she was quite skeptical about finding a soulmate online. 

With trust issues rising up with a heart about to burst, she did somehow manage to swipe right and that is how a love story was inbuilt. 

Everything adverse to Moorjani's skeptical brain happened. The person she met on the dating app ended up becoming her better half, her husband. After a series of meet-ups and hangouts the two ended up exchanging hearts and that is how their story took off. 

Without any further ado, they got decisive for marriage, and then met up with each other's families. 

There, things for their wedding got fixated and they both had a grand ceremony in their own desi way.

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Who is Richa Moorjani's Husband?

After exactly 1.5 years of dating and seeing each other, Richa Moorjani, and her better half, Bharat, got married. 

Well, while delivering the words, things might sound pretty basic but the reality was no less than a Bollywood movie.

Everything from their love story to getting married seemed surreal. Moorjani once stated how her husband, Bharat, organized a fake audition for her so he could kneel down on his knees and propose to the love of his life.

From the Haldi ceremony with the couple twinning, the sangeet where the two danced their hearts out, to the final marriage where both transmitted the same glorifying energy.

For a certain while, the surrounding did light up with emotions, but everything settled down soon after, as the couple dried up their tears while sharing each other's warmth for love. 

Ever since the two have been embellishing their journey with grace. After a certain time on their wedding, fans also started flooding the couple with questions regarding their plans for a baby.

However, for now, Moorjani getting pregnant has gotten sporadic. So, what is the real thing?

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Is Richa Moorjani Pregnant?

The news as such started articulating when the actress posted a picture on her Instagram wall where she was dressed up in a pretty sporty outfit. Moreover, the way she had her hands grabbed around the belly, quenched people with a plethora of questions.

Richa Moorjani's picture that created speculations on her getting pregnant
Richa Moorjani's picture created speculations about her getting pregnant (Image Source: Instagram)

However, so far, everything is speculated to be nothing more than just a rumor. It is so because her story is yet to be heard. 

Moorjani has made no official statements about anything relevant to her getting pregnant. So, the rumors cannot be presumed as facts unless confirmed. 

If any update as such pops up, we will have your back. Even if the rumors do end up turning true, she barely has a problem as being an independent woman who is strongly devoted to acting, she garners a hefty sum.

Richa Moorjani's Net Worth

As per pretty much of the sources, Richa Shukla Moorjani has her net worth ranging from $3-$5 million. 

The actress's salary as well is yet to be disclosed for now. 

Conclusively, it is pretty much clear that Moorrjani leads a sound life alongside a supportive family and husband.