SSSniperWolf Posts About Her Losing a Sibling! Did She Disclose the Cause of Death?


SSSniperWolf is a heartthrob to a plethora of teens online. Alia Marie Lia Shelesh first stepped into YouTube quite a long ago. 

The barrel of laughs has been ongoing on the platform for years while garnering massive views and love from people globally.

They say the prettiest smiles bury the ugliest truths. Recently, a heart-wrenching story related to her has been unveiled on the Internet.

The news encircling her story has gone sporadic. So, what exactly happened? We have got you covered up. 

On August 9, 2022, the influencer made a community tab post where she made the revelation about the untimely death of her dearest sibling. She had it written as, "Hello friends I lost a sibling a few days ago Life is precious and can be taken away suddenly."

SSSniperWolf Losing Sibling post
SSSniperWolf Losing a Sibling Youtube Community post

She further adds, "Please cherish and love everyone around you while you still can. We were supposed to be on a family vacation, so I had a bunch of videos pre-recorded and scheduled to go up. After those are uploaded I’m not sure."

The post she has left clearly states the amount of grief she might be going through. The YouTuber shared this on her community tab while reaching out to all of her 32.5 million subscribers who have been staying awaited regarding her new YouTube update.

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Shelesh might be undergoing a severe amount of mental exhaustion at the moment. Despite the adversities as such, she has ensured to not let her audience down.

With a perspective as such, she has been updating her channel with her pre-recorded videos. She clearly mentioned how she will be updating her channel with a bunch of pre-recorded videos.

However, she is not sure if she will film for a certain time period after a traumatizing incident as such. 

Any information on which sibling she lost and the reason behind has not been disclosed.

In total, she has three lovely siblings named Bakir Shelesh, Paul Shelesh, and Ranya Shelesh. All three are adorable and whoever she has lost, it is unbearable for sure. 

SSSniperWolf with her siblings
SSSniperWolf with her siblings (Image Source: Cbgist)

She has tried keeping her lips sealed in this matter totally.

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It might be because she does not tend for such a sensitive topic to become a topic of discussion and trend around on all the social platforms.

The YouTuber might remain hideous with the information for a specific time-bound. She might as well reveal it sometime after but for now, the YouTuber has been keeping things as secretive as possible. 

Ever since she left that most people have been flooding her feed with condolences and messages exclaiming grief. TikTok for you pages, Instagram feed, or YouTube, all the platforms have been quenching her with multiple questions and condolences ever since she left the traumatic message.

The YouTuber shows no response to any. Some fans even commented saying that she lost her sibling named Bakir. But, nothing can be confirmed unless she herself comes up with an answer.

For now, we can all hope for the angelic soul who lost his/her life to rest in peace. If any other information with confirmation comes up we will ensure to keep you all updated.