Who Are 'RHOSLC' Star Whitney Rose’s Siblings? Explore All Siblings

By Deepesh
RHOSLC star Whitney Rose and her three half-siblings are close to each other.
Whitney Rose
Whitney Rose (Image Source: Instagram)

Whitney Rose is a reality tv star who shot to notoriety after becoming one of the cast members of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC). Besides, Rose is also an entrepreneur who owns a famous skincare business named Iris + Beaut.

In the past, Rose has taken multiple jobs before establishing her own company. She was an account manager at InVision Communications. Also, Rose worked as a Direct Selling Account Executive in the same company, and before that, she was associated with Nu Skin Enterprises.

Since coming to RHOSLC, the show's viewers are concerned about Rose's family life as she also talks about her past life. During a conversation with her half-brother, Rose opened up about being a victim of child abuse. So, keep reading till the end to know more about the abuse and her siblings.

Who Are RHOSLC Whitney Rose's Siblings?

As of now, there are no records of Whitney Rose having biological siblings. However. she has three half-siblings named Curtis Taylor, Kelli Taylor Martinez, and Will. Rose shares the same father as Kelli and Curtis, but they have different mothers.

Just like her half-siblings, Rose has not met her father for many years. From this, it can also be said that her half-siblings do not have a good relationship with their father. Now, let's explore more about them.

Curtis Taylor

Talking about Rose's one half-brother, Curtis, attended Utah Valley University, majoring in psychology. After completing his education, Curtis began working in sales and later became the CEO of Senergy Solar Power. Not to mention, Curtis is already married, and he has a loving wife named Netanya.

According to Distractify, Curtis and his wife have five children, and the family of seven resides in the Phoenix suburbs.

Kelli Taylor Martinez

On the other side, Rose has a half-sister named Kelli Taylor Martinez, who has started a family of her own. Kelli is a hairstylist and runs her own salon called Sacred Space Salon. 

As we know, Kelli is already married, and she has two cute daughters with her husband. Moreover, Kelli lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We can find Kelli on Instagram as @ktmhair09, but she has not made a post for a long time.

Meanwhile, Martinez was once a missing person. She went missing from Shady Glen in Idaho Falls and was last seen with Logan Barnett. Police actively worked to locate Martinez, and later she was found safely. Now, we can say that Martinez might be living a happy life with her family.

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As of now, there are not many details regarding her other half-brother, Will. It seems like, Will prefer to keep himself far from media prominence due to privacy concern. 

Due to this, we are unable to share much about Will. But it can be said that Will and Rose also have a good relationship. During a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona, Rose revealed to the housewives group that she was abused as a child. The news of Rose being a victim of child abuse was confirmed during a conversation with her half-brother Will.