Heartstopper Star Corinna Brown: Wiki, Age Career And Social Media

Actress Corinna Brown

Corinna Brown is an actress who has played Daphne in the year 2017 and The Show Must Go Online in  2020. Presently, the actress is cast in Netflix's LGBTQ+ series called Heartstopper which explores the story of Nick and Charlie as they navigate through love and friendship.

Heartstopper Corinna Brown plays the role of Tara Jones in the series.

Corinna Brown Wiki, Age, Parents

Born on 24th December, Corinna Brown's zodiac sign is a Capricorn. Despite the actress not revealing her birth year, she celebrated her 21st birthday in the year 2019. Therefore, Corinna Brown's age is assumed to be 24 in the coming December 24. Her nationality is British. Not much is known about Corinna Brown's parents. 


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Corinna Brown's Career

Corinna Brown's career as an actress began in 2012 when the actress debuted with the BBC Three film called My Murder. Moreover, she is said to be from East London and is also a proficient dancer, performer as well as a singer. Additionally, Brown is also said to be a trained aerialist, stilts performer, and fight performer. Regarding her education, she was trained at the University of Essex’s East15 acting school.

Presently, Corinna Brown plays the role of Tara Jones in the Heartstopper series. Heartstopper is a BL teenage drama where two protagonists, Nick and Charlie, discover their friendship evolve into something more. The series was adapted from Alice Oseman's ongoing webcomic series of the same name. Though Corinna hasn't pursued singing, she is an excellent singer. You can watch her rendition of Sam Smith's Not the Only One below :


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Heartstopper Corinna Brown

The actress plays the character of Tara Jones in the series. Tara is a student at the girl's school where Elle later joins. After initiating a conversation with Elle, played by Yasmin Finney, the two strike a friendship and even become best friends. Besides Elle, Corinna's character Tara is also best friends with Aled Last, Nick Nelson, Charlie Spring, Tao Xu, and Sahar Zahid.

Tara Jones's character is very caring about others' emotions and doesn't force Nick and Charlie to tell her about their relationship despite having her doubts. Tara can be seen as a caring person in the series. Besides, Corinna's Tara is a gay character in Heartstopper who is dating Darcy Olsson(played by Kizzy Edgell).

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Who Is Corinna Brown's Boyfriend?

The heartstopper actress is not dating anyone at the moment and is assumed to be single. However, this information is not verified as Corinna is very private about her personal life. Besides, her past relationship history has been kept very discreet by the actress. She hasn't shared about her dating life in any of the media. 

Is Corinna Brown Single?

Since there has been no news about the actress dating anyone at the moment, she is assumed to be single. However, in the Heartstopper series, Corinna Brown's girlfriend is Darcy Olsson played by Kizzy Edgell. Darcy is portrayed as a girl who loves to make people around her laugh, especially her girlfriend Tara Jones.

Find Corinna Brown's Social Media

The actress is on Instagram with over 231 followers in total. Despite her huge following, Corinna only has 54 posts as of April 29, 2022, in her account. Besides Instagram, the actress doesn't seem to have any other social media we know of currently. However, we will update you as soon as we find out.


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What Is Corinna Brown's Net Worth?

The Heartstopper actress's net worth is estimated to be around $500K as of 2022. However, her income and salary haven't been made public and are under review. Corinna's primary source of income right now is through her acting career.