Julie Chrisley and Her Husband Share About Their First Meeting!

Julie Chrisley and Todd Chrisley

Julie Chrisley, a renowned reality TV star has been garnering love and attention from people worldwide ever since she stepped into the entertainment industry. Her hardships and struggle stories might not be as popular, but her accomplishments speak it all.

Her colossal career and hefty net worth have always been a matter of discussion to most of her audiences. They have always wondered about the reason behind her constant growth and success in her profession.

Chrisley's accomplishments are much bigger than how she portrays them. Alongside the journey of flourishment, her life also connects the dots to happiness with the love of her life.

We will be talking further about this later in the article. But, before that let us quickly dive into a brief introduction of Chrisley.

Julie Chrisley Wiki, Age

Chrisley was born on January 9, 1973. As per, 2022, her age is forty-nine. These many years there is nothing that she has not accomplished.

Chrisley is a TV personality, social media influencer, a very good cook, realtor, businesswoman, and a famed entrepreneur from Winchester, South Carolina, United States of America. 

Since a very young age, she has been keeping herself ambitious and perseverant in every field she steps into. This amiable nature of hers has brought her to the position she is in today,

One of the most talked-about shows by Chrisley is Chrisley Knows Best. In this show, she unveiled her dexterous side. The show synchronizes with the life of Chrisley's husband and her family.

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Who is Julie Chrisley's Husband?

Chrisley has been ruling the spotlight even more after getting married to the love of her life, her husband, Todd Chrisley. Todd is a renowned name when it comes to realtors and investors.

Both, husband and wife belonging to the same field has also been the reason why mutual understanding amid them is still intact. They both are the stars of their show Chrisley Knows Best. The real-life venture they have been setting in this particular field through years of hardships and struggles is represented on the show.

The couple by now have been together for over twenty-five years already. Together, they have been taking stronger leaps of success. Moreover, the couple also runs a really fun podcast named, Chrisley Confessions.

There, they interact with the audience while making certain answers to the queries related to their personal life. In one of the episodes, a fan had left a question where he requested about the couple's love story.

Initially, Todd joked about how he was a womanizer and a flirt. But, eventually, he made a revelation. Todd had first spotted his woman working in a bank, where one of his friends worked.

Chrisley was dressed bright and yellow that day. And, her charismatic aura caught up with her husband and that is exactly when he fell head over heels for her. 

During the entire podcast, the most adorable statement he made was, how there were only two people he feels safe with, and that was his mother's lap and Chrisley's love. Recently, the reality TV star also posted a heart-warming picture with her husband while wishing him a happy birthday.

Chrisley today is flaunting the days of perfection. Her love story is not just limited up to here. She and her husband have also embellished their years of togetherness alongside five wonderful children namely Lindsie, Kyle, Chase, Savannah, and Grayson Chrisley.  

Julie Chrisley with her husband and children
Julie Chrisley with her husband and children (Image Source: Washington Post)

They are perfect together today, but both of them did have a past. Let us now walk through Julie Chrisley's relationships. 

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Julie Chrisley's First Marriage

The very first time when lady Chrisley walked down the aisle was when she was just eighteen. Young and naive, she fell in love a little too soon and engaged herself in one of the biggest rituals of life. 

The exact date of her getting married is yet to strike the limelight. However, the man she got married to was named Kenneth. He was twenty-six by then. However, their marriage did not last long and they paved their paths apart a bit too soon. Kenneth was her first husband, but things took a turn soon.

The exact date of their partition is not known, but resources claim that Kenneth took his last breath in 2012 and bid adieu to the world a bit too soon. It is still unknown if the reason for the partition was death or if it happened way before. 

However, Chrisley did move on from her life and today she is the happiest person ever. Alongside a loving husband, she also bags a hefty net worth.

Julie Chrisley's Net Worth

According to celebrity net worth, Julie Chrisley bags a sum of around $1.5 million. This was all possible because of her constant hard work and determination to accomplish further in her life. 

Whatever she is today, she deserves it all. Conclusively, we can state that Chrisley is a role model for a reason.