'RHOP': Gizelle Byrant Splits with Ex-husband Jamal Byrant after Rekindling Their Relationship

  • Gizelle and Jamal Byrant were married from 2002 to 2009.
  • They started a long-distance relationship in 2019, but, it wasn't successful.
  • The former couple is the parents to three daughters. 

The Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant has had some constant ups and downs in her personal life, mainly her relationship with her ex-husband Jamal Bryant.

The former couple married in 2002 and decided to part ways after seven years, in 2009. While they were married, they were blessed with three daughters: Grace, Angel, and Adore Bryant.

Although Gizelle and Jamal got divorced in 2009, they still kept a friendly relationship. Besides, Jamal, a pastor, even used to appear frequently in RHOP while he was in the Potomac area.

Gizelle and Jamal Rekindled Their Relationship In 2019

In 2019, the reality TV star and the pastor decided to leave past things behind and started a long-distance romantic relationship. Besides, in April 2020, Gizelle even teased that she was “not opposed” to sharing the wedding vows with Jamal again.

Gizelle and Jamal Bryant with their three daughters

Gizelle and Jamal Bryant with their three daughters (Source: Gizelle's Instagram)

However, the long-distance relationship took a toll on their rekindled togetherness. Additionally, the widespread COVID-19 pandemic caused nationwide lockdown due to which they were not able to meet with each other, and the only way to contact each other was through virtual means.

Soon, there were communication gaps, and their relationship was falling apart once again. Their deteriorating togetherness was also seen during season 5 of RHOP when Gizelle agreed to Karen Huger’s observation about her falling relationship with Jamal.

They Separated Once Again

As already mentioned above, Gizelle and Jamal’s newfound long-distance relationship wasn’t working. Due to that, the former married duo decided to call it quits once again in May 2021.

In June 2021, Gizelle officially announced her split with Jamal via E! News. While announcing the news, she pointed out that she and Jamal are still the best of friends and there are no issues there. Then, she added;

I've known Jamal for 25 years. I know who and what he is. I know what our relationship is. So it didn't play a part [in our split].

Likewise, in another exclusive interview with E! News on July 8, 2021, the reality TV star gave some more insights on the end of her rekindled romance with her ex-husband. She mentioned that they were a victim of the pandemic.

Continuing her statement, she stated that she doesn’t think any long-distance relationship can really withstand for such a long time without seeing each other.

Listen, we were a victim of the pandemic. I don't think any long-distance relationship can really withstand not seeing each other.

Concluding her statement, she told that Jamal will still be in her life as one of her best friends, but won’t be in something called a relationship.

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Gizelle Is Looking For A Fresh Start

After going through a few ups and downs in her personal life, which included rekindling her relationship with Jamal, it seems like Gizelle is looking forward to a fresh start as a single woman. Mainly, her fresh start includes living her life freely and dating.

Gizelle Bryant enjoying her free time

Gizelle Bryant enjoying her free time (Source: Gizelle's Instagram)

The same was said by her during her interview with E! News. The Bravo TV star told that she is out here dating, doing her thing, and having fun. In addition to that, she stated that she really enjoys being free, feeling free, and not having to think about compromising anything.

And you know, I really enjoy just being free, feeling free, and not having to think about compromising about anything.

Gizelle and Jamal’s Children’s Take On The Topic

With Gizelle and Jamal ending their newly found romance after a brief period, many were wondering what the former duo’s daughters—Adore, Angel, and Grace—have to say on the topic.

Gizelle Bryant with her daughters

Gizelle Bryant with her daughters (Source: Gizelle's Instagram)

In addition, some were also concerned if they have any objection to her mother being single now and dating someone else. Well, it looks like the former couple’s children don’t have any objection to those topics, neither on Gizelle’s split with Jamal nor on Gizelle looking to start a new relationship with another man.

In the above-mentioned interview with E! News, the RHOP star told that her daughters are eager to see their mother get back out there once again. She also said that her kids will always take her lead and they want her to be happy, one way or another.

They will always take my lead and they just want me to be happy, one way or another.

In addition to that, she told, “To be honest with you, we were all in a pandemic and they really didn't care because they were doing school virtually, their life was at that point in the dumps, in their mind.”

Gizelle Bryant and her daughters during their vacation

Gizelle Bryant and her daughters during their vacation (Source: Gizelle's Instagram)

She added a few more lines before ending her statement which read: “We just had other things to think about. Their only concern is just my happiness. As long as mommy's happy, they're happy.”

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Going by that, it seems like everyone in the Bryant family is happy, and they all care for each other and find happiness in each other’s happiness.

A Look Into Gizelle's Eldest Daughter, Grace Bryant

Grace Byrant is the eldest daughter of Gizelle Byrant and her ex-husband Jamal Byrant. She is the eldest of three children of her parents and the older sister of her twin sisters, Angel and Adore Bryant.

Born on November 4, 2004, Grace is still in her teenage years, with her being 16 years old as of this writing. She celebrated her 16th birthday on the 4th of November 2020 with all of her family members by her side.

Grace Byrant celebrating her 16th birthday with her family

Grace Byrant celebrating her 16th birthday with her family (Source: Gizelle's Instagram)

Gizelle likes to keep her daughters away from her limelight most of the time. Due to that, there isn't much information available about Grace and her two younger sisters. Nonetheless, there are a few tidbits of information available on Grace.

One of the pieces of information is that Grace is a certified driver and has a driver's license. She received her driver's license on March 4, 2021. Additionally, with Grace being the eldest daughter of the RHOP star, many are eager to know her relationship status. So, Is Grace Byrant dating anyone?

Currently, there is no information about Grace's personal life. It seems like she is yet to find a perfect partner, and thus, is single. Though she is single, it is known that she has the choice to date whomever she wants. As per realitytitbit.com, it is reported that Grace once told her mother that she can “date whoever she wants”.

Grace Byrant with her younger sisters

Grace Byrant with her younger sisters (Source: Gizelle's Instagram)

Well, it seems like Gizelle has given her eldest daughter some free will to chose her partner.